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GreenStone lawyers provide a full range of legal services to resident and non-resident companies:

Establishing companies:

  • Establishing foreign companies and giving them full legal support ;
  • Advice on the registration and establishing of Estonian companies ;
  • Maintenance of Estonian and foreign companies;
  • Formulating goals and objectives and developing strategies.

We also help with:

  • Developing legal structure of business;
  • Legal due dilligence;
  • Consulting and legal support on all phases of transactions;
  • Developing all necessary documentation for business (agreements and contracts);

We provide following intermediary services:

  • Implementation of mediation services in transactions;
  • Representing clients in various organizations and government agencies;
  • Advice on tax law and tax planning, as well as tax optimization

Development of agreements and contracts

  • purchase / sale, delivery of goods;
  • Contracts Commission ( the agency ) ;
  • labor agreements ;
  • loan agreements ;
  • guarantees;
  • rental and leasing of property;
  • Use of Intellectual Property
  • assignment ( cession ) ;
  • the creation and reorganization of legal entities and their subdivisions

Corporate direction

  • restructuring of legal entities , debentures ;
  • Assist with establishment, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities , including foreign-owned ;
  • Assisting with of transactions in securities;

Tax law

  • Advice on the application of the tax legislation
  • Represent the interests of the organization during tax audits ,
  • Preparation of objections to the tax audit and participation of their consideration