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Services, provided by our accounting department:

  • administration of accounting documentation by ethical and professional approach;
  • year-end financial statements and cooperation with Centre of Registers and Information Systems;
  • interim financial reporting;
  • income, VAT and social taxes computations, returns, claims and payments;
  • other reports to Tax Authorities;
  • preparation of financial and other reports to Banks and Statistics;
  • preparation documents and files for Audit process, cooperation with Auditors;
  • archive of original and electronic documents during 7 years.

Additional Services by request

  • accounting services on client`s side;
  • arranging books from previous periods;
  • accounting and tax consulting;
  • payroll accounting;
  • company business plans;
  • financial analysis;
  • pre-audit arrangement of documents;
  • check of source documents’ correspondence with legislation;
  • representing client with the Tax Authorities and other Government agency inquiries, liaising with Bank and


  • other accounting services, documents and reports by request as agreed by parties.